Yoga & Summer Training

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 6.21.25 PMSarah Louismet

Sarah grew up playing lots of rec. soccer from age 7 until age 27. Attending White Bear Lake high school graduating in 2000. After high school Sarah attended UMD where she play fast pitch softball. At UMD she worked as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer graduating with a B.A.S. in exercise science and a minor in coaching.

Sarah found her passion for teaching fitness in high school when she helped her female peers navigate the weight room. She completed her internship as a strength and conditioning coach woking under Justin May at UMD. Later worked as a strength coach at White Bear Lake’s summer strength and conditioning program for two summers.

In college she discovered her lack of flexibility and body weight strength after trying a yoga class. She started to add yoga into her exercise routine. She attended a yoga teacher training through yogafit and started teaching yoga for Lifetime Fitness, later offered classes for her personal training clients. She completed a 235 hr yoga teacher training in the spring of 2015 through Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness.

Sarah intertwines her strength background into her yoga classes helping students find there alignment off the mat and in the weightroom. She uses her highly competitive background to help athletes become aware of what mindset will help them compete at there highest level. She also creates a space in which the body is able to let go of unwanted stress and tension aiding in recovery.

Sarah describes herself as patient, positive, and passionate when it comes to helping others discover their true strength. She also holds a special place in her heart for female high school athletes, having experienced most her own struggles during her high school years.

At the present time she is working for herself as a personal trainer and yoga Instructor under her business Shift Fitness, Mn.

Sarah joined the Roseville staff in the fall of 2018.