Season Goalkeeping

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Season Saves

198Makenzie Madison2014
159Hana El-Afandi2012
112Bella DiGiorno2019
60Maggy McGary2015
65Bella DiGiorno2018
55Michelle Gontarek2015
50Olyvia Null2016

Season Minutes

155019Bella DiGiorno2019
128016Makenzie Madison2014
98013Bella DiGiorno2018
89011Olyvia Null2016
71510Michelle Gontarek2015
6659Maggy McGary2015

Season Goals Against Average

Goals Against AverageGoals AgainstMinutesPlayerSeason
.5913Denise Witte1988
.6111Denise Witte1989
.87171550Bella DiGiorno2019
1.1318Denise Witte1987
1.144280 (3.50)Michelle Gontarek2017
1.2215980 (12.25)Bella DiGiorno2018
1.709420 (5.25)Olyvia Null2018
16Hana El-Afandi2012

Season Save %

Save %SavesShotsGoals AgainstPlayerSeason
91%15917516Hana El-Afandi2012
87%11212917Bella DiGiorno2019
84%19823436Makenzie Madison2014
81%659015Bella DiGiorno2018
77%30399Olyvia Null2018
77%557318Michelle Gontarek2015
75%507018Olyvia Null2016
75%12164Michelle Gontarek2017
70%608626Maggy McGary2015